Rome Artifact Snowboard 2023/24


Brand: Rome

True Twin

The OG park board; designed to clip-up, throw-down, tweak-out and lock-in front boards

The Artifact is a corner stone of the Rome board collection thanks to its jib-happy flex profile and utterly too fun park performance. With the reliable power of Stay Positive Camber, Flax Impact Plates, a pressable flex profile and the locked-in feeling that only Double Kick provides, the Artifact is pure park annihilator. Park rats, van dwellers, stair shovelers and jib kids everywhere know, the Artifact is the truth.

Flex: 4/10

Park: 9 - All Mountain: 6 - Powder: 4

New Flax Walls has advanced impact absorption properties or the ability to create rigidity and strengthen specific regions of a board