Slash Brainstorm Snowboard 2023/24


Brand: Slash

Directional Twin

Flex: 5/10

Backcountry Freestyle

Ridden by backcountry freestyle legends Manuel Diaz and Geoff Brown, Slash Brainstorm board is the culmination of some highly radical brainstorming sessions, built to bring your wildest dreams to reality.

Made with backcountry freestyle centre of mind, the Brainstorm is a directional twin shape that slays the whole mountain. The nose has been raised with Camrock to aid manoeuvrability in deeper snow and it inspires hard charging thanks to the carbon fibre, Kevlar and basalt stringers, which snap the board to action, providing lightning-quick responses when carving and slashing.


LANDING STRIP, PROGRESSIVE SIDECUT: Strips of Kevlar and carbon fiber placed from the inserts to the tips in the nose and tail support landings and reduce washouts. This design also helps dampen high-speed chatter, offer stability at speed and load up potent ollies. Brainstorm's progressive sidecut design blends many radii and smooth contact points for buttery smooth turn initiation, edge-to-edge transition and edge hold.

BACKSEAT CAMROCK, IDENTITY SHAPE: The Backseat CamRock design places rocker in the nose and a slight amount in the tail with positive camber in between. This setback design delivers camber stability and control between the feet and in the tail, with the added float and manoeuvrability of the rockered nose. Our Identity shape saves material and weight and also stands up without tipping over like rounded boards do!

TRI-AX FIBERGLASS, FOREVER WOOD CORE, FACTORY WAXING: Tri-Ax Fiberglass is the time-tested classic. It provides superior pop, consistent torsional flex, and more overall response. Brainstorm is constructed from 4 different lightwood wood species - paulownia, spruce, beech and poplar, which makes the board flyweight, durable, filled with pop and highly reactive. All Slash boards are factory waxed with OneBallJay wax and ready to shred straight out of the wrapper.

SINTERED BASE 6000, STEEL EDGES, BELT FINISH: The Sintered quality base is fast, durable and requires less waxing. Edges are built with 35% more steel content than the average. They are simply stronger and more durable than the alternative. The belt finish gets your base optimized before it’s fully waxed.

IMPACT DAMPENING, TIP PROTECTORS: A vibration dampening rubber used between the steel edge and the sidewall, which absorbs impacts only to a very small degree, its main purpose is to act as an adhesion layer between the edge and sidewall to prevent the possibility of delamination. Thin, light and surprisingly strong aluminum protectors that cap the base and edge at the tip and tail to protect the board from impacts.