More than just a
Ski shop

Optimal Performance
Requires Optimal Care

Does your equipment need some care and attention? We offer a wide variety of services at the shop to keep your gear at its best. Whether you are looking for a quick wax before you head out or are just returning and a rock or two may have got the best of you, we have got you covered! Not quite sure what your equipment needs? Give us a call or stop by the shop and we will be happy to help you out.

    Time for a
    Tune up?

    Thinking its time to start waxing and tuning your own gear? We have all the supplies you need to start building your tuning kit and keep your skis or board in tip top shape…..though you know we never mind taking care of that for you if your feel….less then motivated.

    Ski Tunes
    • Basic Ski Tune – $49.99
    • Complete Ski Tune – $59.99
    • Hot Wax – $24.99
    • Ski Sharpen – 24.99
    Snowboard Tunes
    • Basic Snowboard Tune – $54.99
    • Complete Snowboard Tune – $64.99
    • Hot Wax – $24.99
    • Snowboard Sharpen – $24.99
    Other Tunes
    • Ski Mounts & Adjustments – $69.99 and up (Depending on Complexity)
    • Ski Remount – $69.99
    • Adjustment – $19.99