Moment Wildcat 101 Ski 2023/24


Brand: Moment


Radius: 16m/164cm, 18m/174cm, 20m/179cm, 21m/184cm

The Wildcat 101 may be the youngest child of the Wildcat family, but that doesn’t mean it's lacking in experience—in fact, it's the culmination of all we’ve learned from years of coaching its bigger siblings in the art of skiing anything, anywhere, anytime.

Sporting narrower dimensions, a more progressive mount, dual-radius sidecut, and a longer flex profile, the Wildcat 101 brings you into the turn a little faster, responds more quickly in tight spots, and delivers extra grip when things get firm enough to be heard from the lift. It’s also the most freestyle-focused Wildcat, built for Wong-banging bumps, snaking through shark-infested re-freeze for spring photo shoots, and boosting everything from slopestyle jump lines to sloppy side hits and cattracks. In fact, that’s exactly why it’s become a staple for the Moment athlete team, who put in more days and demand more from their skis than you or I ever will. Lucky bastards.

For the rest of us mortals, we’ve found it so good in everything not-so-good that it’s what we reach for when the tide is low, the sun is out and the corn harvest bumps are firing, when or we need a ski that’ll thread the needle from coast to coast. Same goes for those days when we’re completely shelled from the night before and want a cruiser, not a bruiser—you know what we mean.