Moment Deathwish Tour Ski 2023/24


Brand: Moment


Radius: 23m/179cm, 25m/184cm, 27m/190cm

There’s a reason why the Deathwish Tour is our most popular touring ski, year after year.

More grip on the skinner and more purchase on sketchy sidehills feels like too much to ask from a 112mm-waisted ski that clocks in at under 1800g and skis like the real deal—but here we are. Wide enough for the steepest and deepest storm days, tough enough to take on buried stumps and shark-infested, wind-scoured ridgeline traverses, and light enough to make another lap sound like a great idea even on the very longest days. Who says you can’t have it all?

Thanks to the versatile, easy-button nature of Triple Camber, it even makes getting skunked and finding nothing but sastrugi and windbuff all day a success story. Or at least one that’ll make your desk jockey friends hate you even more.

Agile. Stable. Quick. Planted. Surfy. The Deathwish Tour is a proper sampling of everything we want out of a touring ski. Perfect for mixed-condition days and overly ambitious follow-the-type-2-fun-junkie-to-God-knows-where tours. Don’t believe us? That’s only because you haven’t skied one yet. We’ll wait.