Moment Deathwish 104 Ski 2023/24


Brand: Moment


Radius: 19m/174cm, 21m/179cm, 22m/184cm

Turns out there are plenty of you out there who craved what we did: the snappy, poppy, slashy, intuitive feel of the Deathwish in a ski you can really rip on in firm conditions. And it makes sense—wouldn’t anyone want the same near-telepathic connection with a ski but for tighter quarters and firmer snow? The answer is yes. And that’s exactly what the Deathwish 104 was designed for.

Far more than just a Deathwish 112 with 8 millimeters chopped off the sides, the Deathwish 104 has been toned up from the get-up. What’s different? We’re glad you asked: a stouter, damper, European beech core with an overhauled composite layup, tighter dual-radius sidecut, and a more directional mount point than its wider brother. All of which delivers a quicker, more drivable, and composed experience with a smaller footprint—perfect when you’re on top of the snow instead of down in it.

Bottom line, it’s a lively, rippable, and nimble mayhem machine, with plenty of grip to lay it down on hardpack and just enough width to keep you off the bottom when it dumps. And it’s all built on Triple Camber—the profile technology we got from the Devil in exchange for our mortal souls. A steep price to pay, but a ski this eye-opening could only come about one way, and only be made by hand in the city God forgot when handing out grace and virtue.