Head Maja Visor Jr. Helmet


Brand: Head

The MAJA Visor features an integrated visor and is matchless in style, function, and comfort. UV 400 and a wind seal foam protect the eyes from external hazards, without the hassle of sliding down goggles. The perfect solution for kids! Prescription glasses can be worn under the visor if needed.

Sizing: XS/S (52-56 cm)

CONSTRUCTION: In-Mold Technology

  1. IN-MOLD TECHNOLOGYThe shock absorbing inner EPS layer of this technology is injected into the hard outer polycarbonate layer to create a single comprehensive unit that provides perfect protection at a reduced weight.

  2. Visor Construction
    VISOR CONSTRUCTIONHEAD Visor Construction is a wind-sealed UV protective shield that allows skiers to ride wearing prescription glasses. Like on a motorcycle helmet the visor can be pulled down to protect the eyes while riding.
  3. Thermal Ventilation
    THERMAL VENTILATIONThermal Ventilation is our automatic ventilation system which leads warm air away from the head to the outside without allowing any cold air to the inside.
  4. Microfleece
    MICROFLEECEThe soft Microfleece material has several functions: it feels good, draws moisture from the skin and transports it away from the head.
  5. Kid Specific Liner
    KID SPECIFIC LINERThis lining is specifically designed for kids, fully covered with soft microfleece, providing perfect fit & comfort at a fraction of the weight.
  6. Head 2D Fit
    HEAD 2D FITThe size adjustment system may be varied horizontally in order to individually adjust the helmet to your head.
  7. UV400 & Anti Fog
    UV400 & ANTI FOGUV400 & Anti Fog refers to the intense UV protective qualities of HEAD lenses and their ability to minimise fogging. The light on the mountain is intense so you need the best protection possible as well as anti-fogging qualities to maintain the best visibility.
  8. Comfort Foam
    COMFORT FOAMComfort Foam is a single density foam that allows for the ideal inner goggle climate. Comfortable with venting properties it is the ideal foam for goggles.
  9. Spare Visor Available
    SPARE VISOR AVAILABLEA variety of visor options are available, enabling you to adapt yourself to changing weather conditions.
  10. Helmet Pouch Included
    HELMET POUCH INCLUDEDHelmet Pouch included protecting your helmet from scratches and other impacts.