Head Compact Pro W Helmet


Brand: Head

The COMPACT helmet line is focusing on the essentials of a winter sports helmet: great look, perfect fit, and – most importantly – supreme protection. The COMPACT PRO W is a super light helmet with a slim profile in a timeless design, fitting perfectly to any head shape thanks to our patented Sphere Fit system. A comfortable helmet climate is guaranteed by the vent channel system with seven ventilation outlets.

CONSTRUCTION: Hardshell Technology

SIZES: XS/S (52-55 cm), M/L (56-59 cm)

  1. HARDSHELL TECHNOLOGYThis helmet technology is outstanding in longevity and impact protection. For this reason we use it in our race and rental helmets.

  2. 360° Microshell
    360° MICROSHELLThe 360° Microshell is a polycarbonate layer, which three-dimensionally wraps around the lower helmet lip, that prevents scratches and dents in the helmet’s foam.
  3. Thermal Ventilation
    THERMAL VENTILATIONThermal Ventilation is our automatic ventilation system which leads warm air away from the head to the outside without allowing any cold air to the inside.
  4. Microfur
    MICROFURMicrofur is both warming and comfortable on the skin. As a helmet lining it creates the perfect fit and feel for all-day shredding.
  5. Beanie Liner
    BEANIE LINERThe soft Microfleece material of the Beanie Liner adapts perfectly to the head and thus avoids any bruises and the unpleasant entering of cold air. Molded-in mesh zones let heat and moisture escape to the outside and, together with the ventilation system, ensure a pleasant head climate.
  6. Sphere Fit BOA®
    Sphere Fit BOA®

    SPHERE FIT BOA®The patented Sphere Fit system wraps around the head like a beanie. When adjusting the BOA® dial, it is adjusted in all three dimensions, creating a snug and comfortable fit without applying any pressure.

  7. BOA®

    BOA®The BOA® Fit System allows you to adapt the helmet perfectly to your head, creating a snug and comfortable fit without any pressure.

  8. Neckgator
    NECKGATORThe Neckgator provides comfort and warmth to the helmet wearer. It adds comfort, fit and excludes the elements.
  9. Removable Earpads
    REMOVABLE EARPADSThe washable earpads of this model can be taken out to suit the variable weather conditions and for cleaning.