Moment Countach 110 Ski 2023/24


Brand: Moment


Radius: 19.5m/182cm, 21m/188cm

Moment has been keeping this one under wraps for a minute now—OK, quite a while. But now it’s time to pull the cover off.

The Countach is easiest to define by what it’s not—it’s neither a traditional hard-charging big-mountain ski nor a purely playful freestyle design, but somewhere in between. Without metal, but certainly not lacking in brass, it can charge easily, cruise effortlessly, throw down at the drop of a hat, and still play nice the next morning when you’re hungover and skiing with the kids.

Sporting 110mm of crud-busting, chop-eating European beech and poplar underfoot, a supportive raised tail, plenty of effective edge, and a big, rockered shovel, the Countach is burly enough to get anything done, but surprisingly forgiving—as tame as it is capable.

Big-mountain athletes compete on it, while everyday, average skiers love how they can just get on it and go. In fact, everyone who skis the Countach seems to come back knowing exactly where it fits in their quiver—often replacing a few pairs in the process. And after a season of daily-driving it ourselves, it’s clear a lot of us will need to figure out what to sell, donate, or keep in the garage to gather dust.

We’re all chasing the über-ski mirage—one ski that we can rip in all conditions, anywhere. One ski to rule them all. We still don’t believe it exists, but the Countach might be as close as we’ve ever gotten. And if it’s not a one-ski quiver—because remember, that’s a myth—we think it’s at least good enough to be the cornerstone of many. After all, it’s not often we get on a pair of skis and think about making our own collections  smaller.

Maybe you’ll agree, maybe not. Either way—we’re sure you’ll let us know.