Planks Woodsy Yeah Baby Pant


Brand: Planks

Planks has never made anything like Woodsy's Yeah Baby Pant before. Obsessive attention to detail, style by the bucket load and the Woodsy trademark fit, these pants are hotter than liquid hot magma.

Woodsy is very particular about his pants. He's painstaking when it comes to fit: The leg has to sag over the boot just right. The crotch needs to sit low. Placing the pockets... that's a science! Then there's the function and slightly crackpot style details, like its sweatpant-like elasticated boot cuffs, the handy waist gaiter and its optional lace braces. When all is said and done, Woodsy's Yeah Baby pant looks amazing, but just in case looking swag isn't you're only buying criteria, they're made from Planks' RIDEdry10 fabric, so you can count on them to keep you dry and comfortable too.