Never Summer Maverix Snowboard 2019/20


Brand: Never Summer

The soul of surfing brought to the snow -- that's the spirit behind the Never Summer Maverix Snowboard. The Maverix is a super nimble yet cruisey ride that's all about surfin' up a massive set of carves. It's made with a Fusion Rocker Camber that's fitted with an Early Rise in the Nose making it full of edge gripping, turn engaging, and massive pop goodness. With a smooth dampness rating and a middle of the road flex, the Maverix is built for those who yearn for turns in their snowboard season.

Fusion Rocker Camber + Early Rise Nose  Introducing Fusion RC. Never Summer put the edge gripping hold, the snap out of turns, and the huge pop of Ripsaw RC in the back and combined it with the float and surfy feel of Original RC in the front. Fusion is here to bring back the fun and fluidity that will make snowboarding dynamic again.

Extended Transition Area  Never Summer adds a small flat section in the snowboard profile that improves both turn initiation and powder flotation.

Flex Rating  Mid

Dampness Rating  Smooth