Moment Wildcat Tour 108 Ski 2023/24


Brand: Moment


Radius: 21m/179cm, 22m/184cm

When you’re out there (and we mean WAY out there), versatility is the name of the game. Having skis on your feet that are as confidence inspiring as they are versatile can mean the difference between skiing option C and calling it quits. Believe us—we’ve been there.

The Wildcat Tour 108 embodies that versatility. Patron saint of lost causes, ruthless optimism, and  ‘it all looks pretty thrashed out there but…’  type days, it works smarter, so you can play harder for longer. Slashable, easy to pivot, and packing plenty of confidence-inspiring backbone—all without the kind of gram-shaving, durability-compromising gimmicks that leave you tiptoeing across traverses and leaving fresh lines untouched for fear of shark attacks and landmines. It’s light enough to make five laps feel like three, quick enough for the tightest scrub meadows, and stout enough to dig trenches in west-facing exit crust. That’s why the narrower Wildcat concept started right here.

The same chassis and dimensions you’ve fallen in love with at the resort, but trimmed up for the skin up. Identical base, edge, sidewall, and hardwood stringers as its full-weight counterpart, so you don’t have to ski any differently or have a panic attack when the one rock you’re trying to avoid becomes the one rock you smack on the way out. Skis are tools, not jewels, and you can rest assured you’ll still have skis for your next lap if you gamble on coverage and lose. We like those odds.