Moment Wildcat Tour 108 Ski 2021/22


Brand: Moment


Radius: 21m @ 179cm

Weight (pair): 3.35kg

The Wildcat Tour 108 was actually the first narrower Wildcat Moment made. After countless requests for a narrower, more agile, more versatile touring ski for volcano season and the corn harvest they finally gave in. And what a mess that made, now everyone wants a little kitty. See what you’ve done?

As much of a home run as the Wildcat 108 has turned out to be, it didn’t start out as a lift-service idea—it started here. Because for technical lines, big objective days, and the summer corn harvest, you need more versatility, less weight, and slimmer dimensions, and the Wildcat Tour 108 gives you exactly that. Moment wanted the same chargeable, slashable, playful platform they all loved, but in a package they could feel good about strapping to their packs for a 1500-foot bootpack or a sketchy belay section. This ski brings it without bringing the pain, and believe Moment when they say it still rips. Get out there.