Moment Wildcat 116 Ski 2022/23


Brand: Moment


Radius: 23m @ 179cm

Weight (Pair): 4.12kg @ 179cm

Don't get twisted: the Wildcat is first and foremost a powder ski. Just because you've heard time and time again about people who got a pair for deep days and now use them as a daily driver, or talked to friends who bought them for their playfulness but found them surprisingly composed at speed and sturdy in chop, Moment would advise you to take that to the bank. While they don't disagree, they won't go so far as to recommend them as your daily driver either.

The Wildcat got loose from the pow ski box they put it in on day one, and clearly its not coming home anytime soon. They say when you love something, let it go, and if that means letting people discover how frutratingly versatile, forgiving, agile yet dependable and strong the Wildcat is in conditions no powder ski should be subjected to - how it can rail hardpack like a baddy, stomp switch landings in the park, and surf pow all in the same lap - then who are we to try and keep it under lock and key? It is a Wildcat, not a domesticated feline. 

The original heavyweight is for many the origin of the phrase "playful charger" - it floats and slashes like a dream but don't get it wrong - it has plenty of horsepower, so when the pedal hits the metal it keeps on giving and begs you for more.

But just so we're upfront about it: it is a pow ski.