Moment Wildcat 116 Ski 2021/22


Brand: Moment


Radius: 23m @ 179cm

Weight (pair): 4.10kg @ 179cm

The Wildcat is the O.G. legend, and frankly, that makes doing anything other than changing the topsheet design a touchy subject. But after skiing the Wildcat 108 for a season and watching it win a Skier’s Choice, Moment had to know what would happen if they took the same aspen/ash core concept and dropped it under the hood of the big cat.

 The result is the kind of update the Moment gang could all agree on. Adding ash doesn’t change anything essential about the Wildcat—it still feels like the same ski, and you’ll be hard-pressed to tell the difference unless you ski an old pair and a new pair back-to-back. What it does is add more composure, more dampness and a touch more weight. That keeps the new-ski “snap” around for longer, makes the ski more stable at speed, and keeps it more composed in crud and chop, so it (and you) can handle high-velocity cut up, big drops, and meniscus-mauling runouts with more confidence. In short, the new Wildcat is the same sweet ride, only with a little more horsepower—but when the pedal hits the metal, a little goes a long way.