Moment Wildcat 108 Ski 2022/23


Brand: Moment


Radius: 21m @ 179cm

Weight (Pair): 3.90kg

The Wildcat 108 has become the workhorse of countless quivers from coast to coast and the entirety of the quiver for many. Its deep rocker lines and progressive mount let you pivot and slash your way through tight spots while an extended effective edge and plenty of backbone let you put it down hard and fast.

It’s now abundantly clear that with the 108, Moment didn’t simply deliver a Wildcat for the not-so-deep set—they made a whole new monster that absolutely refuses to live in its big brother’s shadow. Park laps, pow turns, cliff drops, name it, and they’ve seen this ski nail it with prowess or destroy it with extreme prejudice.

What started as a tour ski and then an in-bounds experiment has since become the go-to, end-all, be-all weapon of choice. Funny how that happens around here.

Don’t believe us? That’s cool. We’ll just wait.