Moment Deathwish 112 Ski 2022/23


Brand: Moment


Radius: 23m @ 179cm

Weight: 3.83kg @ 179cm

Moment has been preaching the Triple Camber gospel now for a decade and from the looks of things some of you are (finally) getting wise—the cult only grows. It all started with the Deathwish. More suspension, extra pop and unrivaled edge hold: Surfy but planted, agile yet stable, powerful but quick—a living contradiction to the statement that one ski can’t have it all.

Crud, chop, pow, hardpack—the Deathwish doesn’t take no for an answer, even when you’ve long since wanted to call it quits. Still the best do-all-be-all ski in our lineup in the toss-'em-in-the-truck-and-don't-bother-with-the-forecast kind of way. There’s a reason most of the factory keeps a pair on their feet.

The rumors are true: Triple Camber is the way, the Deathwish carries the torch, and the mob is coming to burn nonbelievers at the stake. There’s no going back. Consider this your warning label.