Moment Bella Ski 2019/20


Brand: Moment

When Moment launched the Bella 2.0 with a full rocker profile, they thought they were doing the right thing: adding more powder performance to what they saw primarily as a powder ski. And succeeded, in a sense, because that Bella is a deep-day dreamboat. But it turns out many of you were happy with the Bella as an everyday driver, and what full rocker gives in powder, it takes away in pop, making turns in any conditions other than powder a little less fun and energetic. It just took a radical change to wake the dragon and make us keenly aware we’d messed up.

Moment knew they had to go back to Mustache Rocker or likely face a painful death at the hands of our female fanbase. But we couldn’t simply dust off the old Bella molds and add new topsheets, especially when they had a chance make it even better. So they fired up the simulators and made a new, new Bella, with plenty of pop, a new dual-radius sidecut, and more tip and tail taper to make it even more fun in powder than you remember. 


Radius: 17m @ 162cm