K2 Women's Mindbender 106C Ski 2022/23


Brand: K2


Radius: 15m @ 167cm

No one likes a one-trick pony. Every skier needs that one set-up that can handle it all and rip despite varying forecasts. That’s why we built the women’s-specific Mindbender 106C W.

The 106C W features a mid-fat waist and a lightweight Aspen Veneer wood core, the perfect combination of float and fun. Coupled with Spectral Braid technology, these skis are stable despite their lighter construction and maintain complete maneuverability.

Loved by pros like Delilah Cupp, lean into the Mindbender 106C W – you’ll be in for one sweet ride.

ROCKER: All-Terrain Rocker

CORE: Aspen Veneer


FLEX: 7/10