Dynastar CHAM 2.0 97 Ski


Brand: Dynastar

CHAM approved by Chamonix. The inscription "made in the Mont-Blanc" in a ski "Freeride" new generation that combines great art with the "rocker", a line of 5-point ratings and sturdy construction.Everything has been redesigned for the new CHAM 2.0 for maximum versatility and performance "freeride" that made their reputation. CHAM 2.0 97, with 97mm waist, presents a "rocker" in low profile allowing better contact with the snow when the ski is set to square but exceptional flotation in powder snow. The traditional camber underfoot and the narrower heel slightly raised make it powerful but easy to maneuver. The line scores 5 points in the fluid form and lightweight wood core allow turn initiation and easy roll-out in all conditions besides offering the versatility to go to any adventure in the backcountry. Powder 70% / 30% off-road Recommended Fasteners: Pivot 14 LOOK DUAL B95; LOOK SPX 12 DUAL B100; SPX 12 B100