Devold Men's Wool Mesh 3/4 Long John


Brand: Devold

The Devold® Wool Mesh collection is designed for high-intensity activities, which meet high demands of moisture wicking, weight and breathability. The garments consist of 100 % Merino wool, are highly elastic and have smart ventilation opportunities. The wool mesh dries quickly, pressing excess heat and moisture from perspiration away from your body. When the temperature drops, the mesh provides good insulation via the air pockets arising between the skin and the insulation layer. The new models have strategically placed flat knitted panels, providing extra comfort and freedom of movement around elbows and knees. A flat knitted chest panel has been added to the women´s shirt for added insulation and comfort. Devold Wool Mesh is perfect for mountaintop tours in the winter, when the focus is on temperature regulation and low weight.