Devold Men's Sport Air Hoodie


Brand: Devold

Devold® Tuvegga Sport Air is a reversible base layer in Merino wool. The base layer is developed for high intensity activities where the need for insulation and the ability to regulate body temperature is important. The flat surface offers efficient moisture transportation and high breathability when worn next to skin. If more insulation is required, the garments can be reversed where a 3D fabric construction with air channel knit will generate additional insulation. To further enhance the ability to regulate body temperature and provide extra insulation, we have strategically placed Wool Mesh on the back panel. An elastic insulating rib knit, lightweight and soft, has been incorporated to absorb moisture and keep you dry during activity. For increased comfort the base layer has a wide Merino wool waistband, providing a comfortable fit and optimal shape. This all-in-one garment eliminates the need for extra clothing, reducing weight for demanding trips.

250 g/m2 / 190 g/m2
Inside material
99% Wool (Merinou) / 1% Elastane
Fine 18,7 mikron