Devold Men's Breeze T-Shirt


Brand: Devold

Devold® Breeze in 100% premium Merino wool. A short-sleeved woollen top when you need a soft, flexible and ultra-light garment that can be worn all year round. Their finest quality, which is extremely soft and gentle on the skin. Thermo-regulating Merino wool has excellent moisture wicking properties, with a cooling effect in hot weather and feels warm against the skin if the temperature drops. Wool ensures a healthy microclimate for the skin, keeping bacteria away, so that woollen garments do not retain odours. Can be worn as a freestanding garment or layered with other garments. Designed for all seasons and for different levels of activity.

150 g/m2
Inside material
100% Wool (Merino)
Superfine 17.5 micron