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Armada Whitewalker Ski 2020/21


Brand: Armada

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139-116-135 @ 185cm

140-116-136 @ 192cm

Radius: 18m @ 185cm / 19m @ 192cm

Weight: 1800g @ 185cm / 1925g @ 192cm

Armada set out to build Sammy a powder twintip that is stable enough to charge exposed lines and stomp big pillows with maximum confidence, yet light enough for foot-powered backcountry access. A strategically enhanced Caruba Core allows these concepts to merge while the rockered Pin Tip and Tail guarantee quick turn initiation, reduce drag, and further lessen the swing weight. Lightweight and stable, but offering plenty of release when needed, the Whitewalker perfectly compliments Sammy's laidback, surf-inspired style, peppered with sudden bursts of all out aggression