Armada Declivity X Ski 2021/22


Brand: Armada

137-115-130 @ 185cm

Radius: 22.5m @ 185cm

Weight: 2250g @ 185cm

Unequaled stability and confidence for when it gets steep and deep. When you think big mountain, you think Chamonix. Armada designed the Declivity X in collabortion with Cham Local, Tof Henry, for going fast in the most demanding conditions. Tof is known for bringing a freeride approach to faces that used to be off limits for anything but jump turns. He needed a strong, stable, and damp skis that could be relied upon no matter what. The AR100 Sidewall and directional rockered tail offer maximum control and stability, while the AR Freeride Rocker and Hybrid Caruba Core ensure the nimble maneuverability needed when the conditions turn on to access exposed and technical terrain.