Moment Commander 108 Ski 2021/22


Brand: Moment


Radius: 20m @ 176cm

Weight (pair): 4.27kg

When Moment first created the Commander 108, they set out to strike the perfect balance between modern all-mountain designs and traditional chargers. The perfect cruiser and bruiser, in other words. But as with all such recipes, some potential gets left on the table in the interest of compromise. And Moment isn't really known for compromising.

The 20/21 Commander 108 is what happens when you tear a ski apart and start over with one idea in mind: maximum overdrive. It has a totally new aspen/beech core with a flatter tail, a new sidecut, a new sidewall profile to handle even more metal—wall-to-wall underfoot—and a whole new personality. It was already damp, stiff, and quick to initiate, but now it’s damper and stiffer and even quicker edge to edge, with a more rearward mount and a crud-destroying shovel that’ll take as much forward pressure as you can put on it. It’s still manageable and skiable in all conditions, but it makes no bones about being a directional charger first and foremost.

In short, it’s a purebred, full-throttle animal—and it’s absolutely beautiful, in a mad-scientist kind of way. If that sounds scary, well, maybe this ain’t your kind of ski. But if it sounds like exactly what you’ve been waiting for...just don’t forget to send us the footage.