Moment Bella Tour Ski 2021/22


Brand: Moment


Radius: 19m @ 172cm

Weight (pair): 3.06kg @ 172cm

Yes, Moment is overdue to make a women’s-specific tour ski. By way of apology, they've given you this absolute beaut of a BC powder bomber. The Bella Tour is exactly what you’ve been asking for, especially if you’ve been touring on the regular Bella like so many of our friends have been. They could go into detail, but why bother repeating what you already know? It skis like the Bella, with the same dimensions as the Bella, only it’s lighter. Wayyy effing lighter, thanks to their solid paulownia/ash tour core. So now, with more energy in your legs and the same hand-built, line-ripping performance under your feet, you can beat everyone on the way up as well as back to the truck.